Sue Dee Pirkle

My art life began on a ranch in east Texas several years after my children were grown.  As a Houston native, and a previous Austinite, life on the ranch opened my eyes to an entirely new world. Art became my way of expressing appreciation and wonder for the natural world.


My college education focused on sociology and physiology, but my love of nature led me to drawing as a way of saving some of the beauty I saw daily. I studied under Maureen Killaby in east Texas and after our move to the Driftwood area four years ago, I studied under Lilli Pell.  The works of those artists along with Linda Lucas Hardy and CJ Hendry continue to amaze and inspire me.  


Today my art mediums include graphite and acrylics with the addition of pens and various art textures. I look for a moment in time captured in a face, in a sunrise or sunset, in the wind tossing leaves, and in each season with its colors and purity to inspire my work.


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