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Stan Allen

Stan Allen worked for 35 years as an independent software developer for the insurance industry. Around the turn of the century he began to experiment with digitally manipulating his photos to give them a painterly look. This hobby, which introduced him to the wonderful world of art and the people in it, soon became his avocation, and passion.

In 2002 he was one of the founders of Artists’ Showplace in Dallas. In 2005, along with his daughter Angie, he opened “Bent Tree Gallery of Taos”.  After Stan’s wife Myra retired from the University of Texas at Dallas, they sold their home in Dallas and spent some time traveling around the US and Canada in their Motor Home before landing in the Wonderful “little piece of heaven” called Wimberley Texas.


You can see Stan’s work in Wimberley at the Bent Tree Gallery of Wimberley.