Pam Williams

Pam Williams discovered her passion for sculpture at 62 years old when a friend invited her to a clay class. She had never touched clay before, and it opened a whole new world for her. She does figurative sculpting using terracotta clay and some bronze work. Pam says " With each piece I make, there is a piece of who I am . . . there is a piece of how I perceive and respond to the world.  In the past, I was interested in selling my work.  For me, it was a way of receiving validation. Now, it's no longer important to me to sell my work, I prefer to gift it to someone or someplace with whom I would like to share my perceptions." If you would like to contact Pam, her email address is 


Quanah Parker


Foxy Lady

P.O. Box 1652

Wimberley, TX  78676

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