Margaret Stone

Windows, doorways, ladders, or tunnels in some form, often very small, can be almost hidden within the painted image. Other times, glass can surround the work in a portal form.  


My jewelry uses bits and pieces of such items as ritual objects, amulets, talismans, gold, silver, brass, fused and drawn glass, and a variety of beads both ordinary and exotic.  Like items from a treasure chest, these combine to create "wearable art". 


I find myself curious about openings that can lead us into other worlds--from our physical world to a world we intuit.  My artwork whether it is painting, glass, or jewelry, is my voice in that world. A voice that says, through the portal, life is a mystery that unfolds moment by moment--multi-faceted and elusive.  And so, as our lives are layered, I layer objects, and transparent and translucent colors both pigment and glass. I invite you to join me, for a moment, in my vision of magical places of light and dark and mystery.


Thousand Doorways


The Return


The Tunnel




House of Dream




Night Gathering

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