Larry Fick

Larry was born in Dallas, TX . At age 3, his parents moved to Waco, TX where he lived until was 18. Although he had no formal art training in these years, Larry showed great interest in art. His parents gave him a “How to draw” book at age 8 which taught him to draw still lifes and landscapes. For a project in 5th grade he copied a painting by Gilbert of the George Washington unfinished painting using left over oil paints from his dad’s paint by numbers kit. It was his first real recognition of talent.


Although he was interested more in sports and girls during junior high and high school he continued to fill some of his free time drawing and developing his skills. His first real art training started when he enrolled at Sam Houston State University studying graphic and fine art graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He moved to Dallas, TX where he started his career in graphic art. He spent most of his free time creating his fine art. After a couple of years, he took his portfolio of work and went door to door submitting his art to most of the galleries in Dallas.

He was accepted to “2719 Gallery” where he exhibited for 7 years. He also exhibited at Dunnaway - O’Niel Gallery in California. Nimbus Gallery in Dallas represented Larry for 4 years after “2719”.


Starting in 1988, he started his own graphic arts business. Because of the demands of the business, he spent less time on his fine art and stopped exhibiting. By 2008, he had accumulated enough art to start exhibiting again, this time with Projekt 30, an on-line gallery for artists. Starting in 2000, Larry discovered the art software program “Painter”. Since then he has produced many works using this program as well as using another software program, “Illustrator”.


His range of mediums include, colored pencil, pastels, watercolor, graphite pencil, acrylics and digital, in some instances using combinations as mixed media. Although the majority of his work is abstract, occasionally he will produce more representational work. Larry lived and worked in Dallas from 1971 till he moved to Wimberley in 2004. In 2015, the Wimberley flood, damaged his house and all it’s contents including his art and computer. After rebuilding and moving back into his house he plans to create new works of art.

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