Joanna Burch

Joanna Burch lives in San Marcos , Texas and is a native born Texan. She has a background education in Commercial Art. She started drawing and painting around 1973 and have continued it since then.  She became even more passionate  about it in 2000 when she moved to Austin and built her own studio.  She has worked in other mediums but prefers watercolors, oils, and oil on porcelain.


Joanna is inspired by light patterns and love sto visit other galleries to see what other artists are doing.

“Art enriches our lives.”

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.”

2019-Cathedral Door  Oil on canvas

Cathedral Door

2019-Watching from the Reeds  oil on pan

Watching from the Reeds

2019-two wrens and berries-5x7 oil on po

Two Wrens and Berries

2018-Thisles & Goldfinches 12X16 oil on

Thisles & Goldfinches

2018-Could be Salsa Someday  oil on porc

Could be Salsa Someday

2018-Day Lily Heaven- oil on canvas- 16

Day Lily Heaven

2017 Three Parrots 16 x 20 oil on canvas

Three Parrots

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Wimberley, TX  78676

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