Jessie Kennedy Steinberg

Jessie Kennedy Steinberg is from North Central Texas, has lived in Los Angeles, CA for 10 years and Knoxville, TN for 6 years.  As of 2019, she currently resides in Kyle, TX, and is a member of Bent Tree Gallery, in Wimberley, TX.  She hold BFA from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, TX, and began her artistic journey in childhood. She specializes in whimsical realism – conveying the feel-good sensitivity of plants and animals in oil paintings and soft pastel drawings.  Her work is often narrative, colorful, sweet and humorous.  She is influenced by Edgar Degas and Hongnian Zhang for their bold, harmonious use of color and the way they capture mood and storytelling.  Inspired mostly by animals, Steinberg is able to create art that will touch the heart.


JessArt Studios
Instagram: @jessartstudios



Wistful Wallflower 300 copy

Wistful Wallflower

Willie and Mackie 300

Willie and Mackie

Squirreling Away the Day 300 copy

Squirreling Away the Day

Scarlet Fervor 300 copy

Scarlet Fervor

Pig in a Blanket 300 copy

Pig in a Blanket

Hello, Neighbor! 300 copy

Hello, Neighbor!

A Squirrelly Gamble 300 copy

A Squirrelly Gamble

Chicken and Waffles 300 copy

Chicken and Waffles

Catfish 300 copy


Billybobs 300 copy


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Wimberley, TX  78676

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