Jefferis Kent Peterson

(Jefferis is an old English family name from the Yorkshire area)

I began drawing in pen and ink in my early teens. My mother is an artist ( In high school, I studied with Mr. Dan Mistrik in Chevy Chase, MD.  He taught the Old Master’s technique of blocking in with darks and building up lights.  I went to be an art major at Connecticut College, N. London Ct. and took art for 1 year, but it was the early 70’s and free expressionism was all the rage, so no actual teaching took place.  I dropped art and became a religion major.  After seminary and a few years in full time ministry, I pioneered online education courses in the early 1990’s and have been heavily involved in graphic arts with web design, photography, and Photoshop.

In 2006, I once again picked up the brush and have been painting ever since. Currently, I refine my techniques studying with Lilli Pell.


Big Sur

Willow Loop, Texas, Finished

Willow Loop, Texas




Vernal Falls


The Tree in Monterey



St. Tropez


Adobe by Night


Grand Canyon


El Capitan

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