Irma Gros

Irma Gros  lives and works as in artist here in the rolling hills of Texas after having lived abroad for almost two decades. Those experiences and her continued travels greatly influence her life and art. Upon resettling to this area, she has found new inspiration from her native environment. The warmth of Texas is evident in the bold and lively color in her work.

Irma is a multi media artist choosing a variety of mediums to express the mood and depth of the subject. “Finding words to express what I do is difficult for me. I paint from an intuitive reaction to the canvas and paint. It is in the process where I find my muses. Sometimes it happens quickly, at other times, it requires much effort and time. Sometimes the painting leads me down unexpected paths of surprise. That’s when it feels like magic.”

“Every piece that I paint, large or small is imbued with the spirit of hope. Hope for a better environment in which we live and surround ourselves today. Hope for the journey that our lives take and hope for a kinder tomorrow.”

You’ll find a faceted quality of layers in Irma’s work. It reflects the aspects of her art and lifestyle. Take a look.   (website)


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