Edd Ogden

Bachelor of Architecture with Honors, University of Texas at Austin, 1974.
43 years of designing and building stuff including new residential, commercial and residential
renovations, cabinetry, masonry, furniture, etc.. Father of Jessica and Clark – my best work.
Started in +/-2005 in “spare time” using project scrap and salvage material making sculptural pieces both
functional (lamps) and decorative ... decided this was I wanted to do. Having in years of handling
plywood always seen landscapes in the grain patterns, decided to mix some paint and have a go. In 2010
I started experimenting with mixing color with lacquer (which old school furniture makers know sticks to
almost anything). I picked up a paint brush, and ... addiction!
The two are inseparable because of the media – colored LACQUER on plywood, galvanized steel,
copper, etc. While lacquer is very durable and, again, sticks to anything I've tried, it can not be blended
on a piece like traditional media such as oils or acrylics. One has 4 to 12 seconds to apply a brush full
before it turns tacky. This “limitation” dictates the binary and/or fractal nature of my paintings. One can
apply different colors or shades side by side, or one over the top of the other, but no seamless blending is
possible. Rather than a hindrance, I found it an opportunity to establish my own style, and it was perfect
for accentuating grain patterns on plywood pieces. After 6 years, I still not perfected the mixing and use
of colored lacquer as there is a chemical as well as physical process involved.
I refer to the general body of my work as METAREALISM. This has to do with the theme(s) of pieces
reflecting my interests from Taoist philosophy to theoretical physics to eastern art and architecture; and,
to do with my (probably hopeless) quest to find the sweet spot between realism and the abstract. Because
of the above stated material restraints, the later seems a practical approach to the former somewhat
esoteric subject matter.

Tree#37 - Copy

Tree #37

Tree#35 - Copy

Tree #35

The Illuminatti (r) - Copy

The Illuminatti

The Tree Near The Mountain (r) - Copy

The Tree Near The Mountain

IMG_0107 What Buck Rogers Really Saw rn2

What Buck Rogers Really Saw



House of WuWei Lakeside (2)

House of WuWei Lakeside

Fluid Situation - Copy

Fluid Situation -

Entropy's Promise_0116 - Copy

Entropy's Promise

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