D.R. Jones

I first fell in love with art as a kid on a family vacation to Santa Fe. I was blown away by the work of the artists I saw there, especially my favorite artist John Nieto. Over the years, I began creating Southwest influenced paintings, with some success, but I was seeking a personal style. I then discovered the Expressionists. I loved the boldness of the colors, the simplicity of the composition, and the slightly skewed interpretation of the world. After studying this style, I discovered that several of the artists that originally inspired me (see John Nieto, above) were also influenced by Expressionism. I had come full circle.

Now my work is less dependent on the style I admired in my younger days and I’m focused on moving forward to tell my own tale. The story I want to tell contains vignettes from my personal journey; starting with my Texan heritage, enlivened with a rock-n-roll counter-culture sensibility, and leavened with an evolving social awareness. 


I hope to communicate visually what doesn’t easily communicate verbally. As Georgia O’keefe said,”I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way... things I had no words for.” 

Grazing in Fields of Color

Grazing in Fields of Color 30X24

Frida III

Frida III 36X36

You Know How to Whistle Don't You

You Know How to Whistle Don't You 16x20

Jimi II, A Little Science Fiction

Jimi II, A Little Science Fiction 36X36

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut 30X40

Cool Gaze

Cool Gaze 20x16

Jigsaw Pony

Jigsaw Pony 20X16

Georgia O

Georgia O 36X36

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Wimberley, TX  78676

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