Claire Porter

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Claire Porter has been an artist from the age of ten, and began taking fine art photos of horses six years ago. Ms. Porter is passionate about creating emotional equine photographs. Her fine art images evoke the elegance, power and grace of the majestic equus. During her process of selecting and developing an image, she seeks interesting compositions that create tensions or posses a serene sense of simplicity through dramatic light. She enhances the strengths of her images and beautifies them through great attention to detail: inviting you to be within the scene and emotionally touched by her art. In the excitement of the thrilling moment captured, she strives to touch your heart and reach your soul through her breathtaking images. For more information, visit her website at

Lean In

Lean In

Charreada Roper

Charreada Roper

Charreada Cowboy

Charreada Cowboy

8913 Back to the Barn bw - IG

Back to the Barn

7418V3 Peace on the Prairie - IG

Peace on the Prairie

6278V3 Stampede - IG


4311 Chantilly Cool Down bw - IG

Chantilly Cool Down

4256 Hura [(arabic for free)] - IG


3563V1 Watching Birds - IG

Watching Birds

4279V2 Dash & Dust - IG

Dash & Dust

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