The Wimberley Valley Art League, a non-profit organization, was started in 1990 by a group of three Hill Country artists with common goals. It continues to grow each year, attracting members from Wimberley and nearby towns.  We advocate an interest in and recognition of visual and functional art, encourage support and appreciation of art, promote learning for its members and assist in the development of community-wide interest in art.



Founders:  In 1989, Gail Stoops had a vision of an organization to bring all of the wonderful artists in the Wimberley area together.  Gail shared her idea with Pam Lamoureux who she met in a New Neighbors meeting. Gail discovered that Nikki Johnson had been a founder of the San Marcos Art League and was now living in Wimberley.   Gail Stoops, Pamela Lamoureux and Nikki Johnson, got together at Nikki’s house and laid out the steps it would take to create such an organization.  The three founders followed through with the plan creating the Wimberley Valley Art League.  

The founders decided that the first president should be a well-known figure in the Art community, and enlisted Lois Roper.  Lois was a highly respected gallery owner and fine artist in her own right. 


The objectives of the Organization were primarily to:

  1. Promote an interest in and recognition of visual and functional art in any aspect, whether it is presented by painting or craftsmanship.

  2. Encourage enthusiastic support and appreciation of all visual and functional art forms in Wimberley and surrounding communities.

  3. Present, through the media of demonstrations and workshops, the talents of recognized artists and craftsmen in order to promote an atmosphere for learning.

  4. Assist in the development of community-wide interest in all visual and functional art forms through sponsored art sales or shows.


Membership was to include all individuals interested in promoting the arts.


The first meeting was a huge success and quickly grew to 100 members in the first year.  Members included Artists ranging from Established Well Known Artists to Beginning Artist who wanted to learn.  Members also included Gallery Owners, Patrons and people that just liked Art.


In addition to monthly meetings with Demonstrations, one of the first regular Events was ART IN PROGRESS.  This was a monthly 2-day event on the square. Artists creating original art were accepted to set up their tents, do live demonstrations and sell art.  There were also PUBLIC HANGINGS, which was the original name for Art in Public Places. 

First Officers: 

President:  Lois Roper.  

First Vice President:  Gail Stoops

Second Vice President:  Nikki Johnson

Treasurer:  Pamela Lamoureux

List of Presidents:


Lois Roper 1990 and 1991

Pamela Lamoureux 1992

Bob Farrelly 1993

Gail Stoops 1994

Liz Maness 1995

Barbara Buchanan 1996

Gail Stoops 1997

Ione Harrel 1998-1999 

Isabele Goode 1999-2000

Prudy McKenzie 2000-2001

Lois (Roper) Richards & JoRene Newton (Co-Presidents) 2001-2002

P.O. Box 1652

Wimberley, TX  78676

For information on purchasing art, please feel free to contact us.

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